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Jennifer Montesanto

As a kindergarten teacher, my heart is full of students who inspire me.  I have been personally touched by a student with T1D and moved to race for a cure!  I'm in awe of their passion and their fight! Help me support an organization who works towards improving treatments and therapies, all while woking towards a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  Touch the lives of kids who are out and inspiring teachers every day!  

Robert Wisner

I am passionate about the plight of vulnerable children. I am the chair of Cherish Our Children Inc., and excited about the impact that we are having in breaking the cycle of intergenarational incarceration with our Houston based No More Victims program that empowers middle and high school kids dealing with the trauma of parental incarceration to graduate High School and lead productive lives. Join at one of our upcoming events.

Jennifer West

My Reason2Race is St. Paul's United Methodist Church.

Patricia Wright

My Reason2Race is Katy ISD Education Foundation.

Francisco Acuna

As a gymnastics coach and working with special needs children I have found that gymnastics can change lifes. The confidence they gain while in our program is something to see. My Reason2Race is Discover Foundation. 

Will Byers

My name is Will "WILLPower" Byers and I'm Captain of the WILLPower team!  I am fighting for my life and racing against time to STOP Sanfilippo Syndrome!  

Read my story below:


We are Fueled by WILL Power and are running The Woodlands Marathon to raise funding and awareness for Sanfilippo Syndrome research!

Our team is running in honor of Will Byers, a brave 7 year old boy from Spring, TX who loves to run and who was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome, Type B in April 2015. Sanfilippo Syndrome is a rare, terminal genetic disorder in which the body lacks a specific enzyme to break down cellular waste, leading to a terminal buildup in cellular tissue and organs leading to premature death. 1 in 70,000 children are afflicted with this terrible disorder.



Will was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome, Type B (MPS III-B) in March 2015. To find out that your beautiful son has a rare, incurable, degenerative disease is unimaginable. In an instant, every dream we had for our child, from playing little league to college graduation, became uncertain.  Sanfilippo Syndrome is a progressive disorder that starts to shut down the brain and central nervous system. Enzymes needed for cells to process cellular waste are missing or are poorly functioning.  Over time, waste build up leads to severe disability, robbing a child of the ability to walk, talk, and do everyday activities independently, eventually leading to early death. The heart breaking truth is that without funding there is no treatment.  Without treatment, most Sanfilippo children do not reach adulthood.  But, even now, we find HOPE.  Please help us raise awareness and find a cure!



We were devastated upon hearing Will’s initial diagnosis, but we continue to find HOPE.  We are living in a time of medical miracles and history is in the making.  Knowing that the first ever Sanfilippo Type B gene therapy human clinical trials are underway as of December 2017 means that a cure could be on the horizon.  But we still need YOUR HELP.  These amazing studies and trials are happening in part because other Sanfilippo families have made their voices heard and raised awareness and funding to make treatments no longer a far-off dream, but a potential reality. And now we join their voices, and we ask you to join with us. Become fueled with WILL Power and donate today!

All donations go directly to Cure Sanfilippo Foundation (Tax ID: 46-4322131), a non-profit 501c3 organization and will be used to fund research and upcoming clinical trials for the treatment of Sanfilippo Syndrome.  All donations are tax deductible.  For more information on the Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, please visit

Contact information: 
Twitter: @willpowermps


Abby Kotun

Abby is an Attorney at Haynes and Boone, LLP and defends employers in employment disputes and before government agencies.  She has a J.D. and a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering.  Before becoming a lawyer, she worked for 7 years as a Process Engineer.  She loves non-profit work and also enjoys music, poetry, volleyball, photography, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Theresa Strong

My Reason2Race is Bel Inizio.  Bel Inizio ( means Beautiful Beginning. We help disadvantaged women and men build self-esteem and life skills through fitness and nutrition education. Our clients set a goal of completing a 5K and in the process capture the confidence that comes from making a hard commitment and keeping it.  With the help of Bel Inizio's coaches and volunteers each of our clients succeed in taking their first, powerful steps in their Race for a Better Life. 

John Montgomery

During my childhood. It was then that I learned about the Holocaust and was indelibly affected by that knowledge.

As I grew and matured, I learned that genocide and ethnic cleansing, along with the factors that give rise to such atrocities, are not only historical facts, but also contemporary realities. I began to dream about some day contributing to remedying the circumstances that lead to such atrocities.

This is why I support Aegis American Inc. Join us in making a difference.

Houston Striders

The Houston Striders is a non-profit HARRA-affiliated running club that has been running Houston since 1985.  As a club, the Striders seek to fulfill our mission of supporting the fitness and training goals of runners and walkers at all levels, while providing resources, education, networking and fellowship through a variety of program, events and volunteer opportunities. We are the founders and organizers of the Houston Half Marathon & 10K, presented every year in October as part of the Houston Marathon Warm-up Series of races. Through the years, over $500,000 in race proceeds have been donated to a number of deserving charities and organizations, including HARRA and the Bayou City Classic. Please visit our website at or check out our Facebook Business Page and Public Group page to learn more about us.

Emily Stoughton

I am 26 years old and was born and raised in Maryland.  I moved to Texas 5 years ago.  I graduated from high school and attended Anne Arundel Community for 2 years before moving to Texas.  I have an older sister and an older brother and 1 niece and 3 nephews.  I live in Tomball, Texas.  I love going to Home Place of Texas. We learn, make friends and have the Best Friday Ever every week.  Please consider donating to this great place.  Thank you.